Upcoming Events

January 21, 2018 -  D- Day Clinic with Kyle Hartzell of the New York Lizards.

January 28, 2018 - New Player Clinic

February 4, 2018 - Year Round Training Begins

Warhawks Discounts

SISU Mouthguards - 10% off every mouthguard purchase. Enter WARHAWK10 at checkout.

StringKing - 20% off entire store. (Subscribe to our newsletter).

Powell Sticks - Ask for details.

Cascade Helmets - Ask for details.


What makes your program different than the others in the area??

We are a non-profit organization made up entirely of volunteers. We don't need to charge outrageous amounts to make a living. Lacrosse isn't our full-time job, it's our full-time passion.

What do you offer that other programs don't??

We offer a year round training program on Sundays for all players, regardless of their affiliation or skill level. We also offer various clinics & events that others don't.

What does your program cost??

Year round training - $20/monthly or 3 months for $50.

Competitive Travel - $400-600

Events - Varies

How do you keep costs low??

We keep costs low by having an all volunteer force. We also have various discounts with vendors that we pass along to you. As a non-profit, we can also accept tax deductible donations from various business' to help alleviate costs.